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Dedication & Expertise
Corporate Design
& Architecture


20 years of experience in design in the watch and jewelry industry lead to great expertise. From our headquarters in Switzerland - where the heart of the industry lies - we realize stunning retail and exhibition projects worldwide.

Exhibition Architecture

From the ideal brand-positioning concept to the realization of our own established designs - we create exceptional luxury exhibition space.

- concept and design reflecting brand identity

- planning and execution

- production and construction

- product staging

- hosting and events


With leadership and team spirit we are able to bring together the masters of their realm for each project -to go for the top and enrich our designs with emotions and generate exceptional customer experiences.

POS & Live Communication

Carrying the brand’s emotions to the point of sale. Creating customer experiences and brand awareness for a live environment with a broad range of means of communication.

- product display concept, design and production

- packaging concept, design and production

- complete conceptual integration of brand identity and customer experience at the POS

- managing global orders, production runs and international distribution

Retail Architecture

Defining customer experience by design, function and emotions. We create outstanding corporate retail architecture that leaves an impression.

- concept and design

- global planning and execution

- production and construction

- product staging

- managing global orders, production runs and international distribution


To realize our remarkable designs and pioneer the functionality of the finished product we continue to research and develop. Throughout our processes we integrate innovative materials and implement revolutionary new technologies.

- developing and testing unconventional materials and finishing

- establish sustainable products

- incorporating technologies to enhance the customer experience


We are dedicated to understand a brand in it’s core to create a complete visual world to let it speak for itself.

- concept and graphic design of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, merchandising guidelines and brand handbooks

- creation and design of corporate patterns representing the brand's values

Creative Circle Is A.R.E. 2014 Design Award Winner

In the category hardline
speciality store up
to 3,000 SF


Excellence, consistency and progress - we fully dedicate ourselves to the brands we represent.


Improvement without interruptions. Using our experience and learning from our challenges we advance within our team and further develop our offering.


We continuously integrate our designs within the full scope ofa brands corporate identity. Uninterrupted perfection, repeated tests and quality control are a crucial part of our value chain. We do not leave anything up to chance and we make sure designs as well as products are up to the highest standards and requirements.


We fully dedicate ourselves to the brands we represent. Committing our profound knowledge in the industry to enhance your brand as whole and the staging of your products in particular. Perseverance and expertise combined with affection lead to the best result possible.


Known for precision, reliability and quality - Switzerland is the ideal location to guide complex projects around the world.

Audemars PiguetAntoine MartinBuchererCarl F. BuchererBvlgariCenturyEternaInvuMaurice LacroixH. Moser & CieMichael KorsPerrier JouetPolaroid Eyewear


Individually we generate ideas, together we create and collectively we progress. Worldwide.

Creative Circle Asia LTD

The Hong Kong based subsidiary of Creative Circle has its strength in project management, mass production and customized constructions. Under swiss management, Creative Circle Asia implements strict quality control and applies regulation enforcement to realization projects all across East Asia and the Pacific region.

Sinnovations Asia LTD

As part of the Creative Circle Group, Sinnovations’ expertise lies in development and production of exclusive furniture, artistry and decoration elements. Realising the designs of Creative Circle International, Sinnovations proves to be a liable partner.


Sophisticated designs for furniture, decoration and artistry. The unique, intelligent and fine designs of blndd. represent the values of our clients perfectly and add a sublime touch/element to our design and concepts. blndd. and Creative Circle work closely together and develop custom-tailored pieces of art for our clients.


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