Audemars Piguet Forum at Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2015, Geneva

The design is a bold statement, which concentrates and modernizes the shapes and lines inspired by the rough beauty of the Vallee de Joux. A selection of sophisticated materials were used to build this 1100 m2 logistical masterpiece inside an exhibition hall including 20 sales offices, a press room, collector's room and acoustic lab. The elaborate, computer guided light and climate control system, created a luxury feel at home atmosphere and let the customer concentrate on the stunning and delicately designed product presentation.

Eterna Lounge at Baselworld 2014-2015

With the launch of the Baselworld 2015 lounge, we combined the rich heritage with the look of a modern, future-ready watch manufacture and made the brand ready to address the Asian market. The 600 m2 lounge in Basel was the first step to implement a brand new retail identity.

Audemars piguet forum at salon international de la haute horlogerie 2012, Geneva

The center of attraction displays the watchmaker competence of the brand in an emotional, almost poetic way. The high precision installation reminds of a watch movement and is perfectly integrated in the forum - the customer could commit himself to the brand by sending a glass sphere on the spiral. At the end of the day the image was complete and every customer was part of it. All materials and shapes are selected by hand and carefully treated to build a home for the brand.

Carl F. Bucherer pavilion at Baselworld 2005-2008

The 3 floor building contained reception, lobby, offices, kitchen and back office as well as a stunning, free floating terrace to host the guests of the house and make them feel at home. The multimedia and light installations were perfectly integrated in the design. The combination of the dibetou wood with large surfaces of swiss vals stone, consequently and unconventionally used throughout the whole presence was key to the sublime appearance of the pavilion. At the heart of the booth was a terminal to display the collection with the use of innovative technology.

Maurice Lacroix Pavilion at Baselworld from 2005 to 2008

The stunning Maurice Lacroix Pavilion at Baselworld is part of an integrated concept including hosting, events, advertising and business venue. The goal was to create a brand world which appeals to all senses and leaves an impression with the visitor. 63 tons of steel, 15 tons of glass, 2500 m2 of wooden walls - held together by more than 13000 screws and built in an exhibition hall is a logistical masterpiece. Due to the timeless design, the pavilion was used 4 years in a row. Design and functionality without compromises. This concept was the first to open the pavilion to all visitors and invite them to the forum which was enriched with interactive presentations of the collection and brand.